Sustainability – Solar Panel Installation at our Factory

TD Furniture increasingly business overheads are making energy consumption a growing source of concern, particularly with utility prices rising year on year. As a result of forward thinking manufacturers, we look closely at both what will be paid for the energy and how we use it.

Through installing solar PV panels at our factory, we are able to considerably cut our overheads, improve the business operations and increase our bottom line with up to 100% savings on daytime electricity costs.

Generally speaking, the higher the user of energy – the higher the savings and therefore the larger the benefits sought – making our manufacturing sector the perfect case for solar panels and renewable energy technologies.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important within the supply chain – The Malaysia government is putting pressure on companies to turn to sustainable solutions and therefore wholesalers & retailers are now considering green credentials when choosing their suppliers or manufacturers like us.

The reasons we install solar panel at our factory :

Providing energy during peak hours

The peak manufacturing hours are during the day which coincides with timings of maximum solar exposure. Hence, we can choose to shift to solar power and not rely on the grid thereby saving costs in overhead charges. With robust power back-up facilities, we can even choose to partly power our operations during the night using energy stored in battery packs.

Ease of maintenance

Solar power has no moving parts or complex mechanical components. They are far less likely to have equipment faults and breakdown. There is very little maintenance required for solar power. Additionally, solar power is noise-free which further improves its environmental-friendliness.

Ease of customization and flexibility

Utilizing power from the main grid comes with the restrictions that are placed by the grid operators. Factories often do not have the freedom to manage their power supply and optimize their energy expenditure. This freedom is offered by solar power. Through the use of in-house solar panels companies can regulate the power supply and manage their shifts better.