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Looking for toppers, bedsheets or hotel grade pillows? You can now shop from home and browse through our products online via Lazada : Shopee :   

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We offer affordable furnishings for your home and offices. We have a variety of furnitures, ranging from sofa sets, dining table to bedroom furnishings. Visit our online stores:  Lazada : Shopee : Lazio Sofa:  

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At our online store, you can shop a wide range of furniture for your home in Malaysia. From bedroom sets, living room furniture, dining sets to kitchen cabinets and many more. Look no further. Visit our online store: Lazada : Shopee : Lazio Sofa :

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Td Furniture is one of the biggest furniture manufacturers in Perak. We offer various furniture designs at affordable prices. From beds and mattresses to bar stools and office chairs, we have it all via

Our New Zero-Joint Technology Mechanism

Advances in technology have driven quality expectations higher and higher, particularly in manufacturing. The furniture industry is no exception and one manifestation of this is the advent of edge banding without joints or, as it is more commonly known as, the zero-joint technology. This technology is revolutionizing the achievable optical quality of edging. The uptake …

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New UV Line Machine

TD Furniture announces the installation of the new UV Coating Line machine at their Lahat Manufacturing Facility.  “With this UV coater we will be able to increase productivity and better meet the deadlines our customer’s demand.” said TD Furniture Director, Mr.Choa. The key advantages of the machine include ease of set up, accuracy and outstanding …

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Covid-19 compliance – We care for you

In December 2019, the novel coronavirus, the cause of Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19), became a global public health emergency. On 11 March 2020, with cases in 114 countries with a total number of people infected worldwide reaching 118,000, the World Health Organisation declared the outbreak a pandemic. The number of cases continues to grow exponentially. In …

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