Lazio Sofa

Malaysia’s Leading Sofa Manufacturer and Exporter, Retail Showroom and Online Store.

What we do

At Lazio Sofa Factory located in Perak, Malaysia, we produce each of our sofas into contemporary design, crafted and constructed by hand to create long lasting high quality furniture for our customers in Malaysia and overseas. Established in 2007, our commitment to create comfortable sofas at affordable rates has made us a reliable source for many of our retail partners and International distributors. Our constant research and development on the latest trends helps us connect with our customers and sell our products through our showrooms and our online website. We take responsibilities to ensure our products are at the highest quality standards before they leave our factory. Through our years of experience, accountability and leadership, we have grown and thrived to become one the leading sofa trading and manufacturing companies in Malaysia.

Over 10 years experience & knowledge in the sofa industry, dedicated to provide the best solutions to our valued customers.

We are specialists in sofa production and design where each and every one of our product is skillfully made by our team of experts. . Our product lines is a key strength that allows us to offer multiple designs, materials and colours. From frame to the final upholstery installation, the whole process is done in our factory here in Malaysia.